Sunday, January 21, 2018

Flea Market Sunday

We are having quite a January thaw and it has really helped improve my mood. I have actually moved off the couch! Miracle.

So, this week's loot:

 A gorgeous piece of silver millinery/floral/whatsit...
 And a bunch of millinery leaves.
 Vintage Halloween. Not super old, maybe 80s, but that cat and the witch are really fantastic.  The cat is HUGE!
 This vintage candy box is also HUGE.
 I think this lot of Valentine's is also 80s.
 A cake topper for the collection. These always start to appear around Valentine's day.
 This is an unfinished quilt top.
 Because it has an odd shape I might just cut it apart a bit for something else.
 When I picked this up I thought it was rather shoddily made.  That was ok though, because I need some donor fabric for another project I am working on and indigos are so hard to come by.
However, when I opened it up it was a lot nicer than I thought. For some reason she appliqued the corner squares on, which gave it the awful appearance.  So, no good for donor fabric after all!

Now I am still on the hunt for a 4.5 inch square of indigo to finish ONE block, lol!

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