Monday, January 22, 2018

Going on

I have had a SERIOUS case of the January funk over here. Not sewing, not doing my usual cleaning routines, not thrifting, just surviving. It was SO, SO -brrr degrees cold for so long. 

 As all of the malls continue to die, we continue to lose a lot of retail.  Our American girl store is in a mall that has all but gone belly up, so they are closing next month. I wanted to get Sammi there before they closed, so we went right after her birthday.  The store really is wonderful and I am sad to see it go.
 Sam took her birthday money and bought something for her new wellie wisher doll. And books. Leave it to Sammi to buy books in the mecca of toy stores.

 Sammi was home sick (and we had an inclement weather day this week due to -20 wind chills), so we cleaned out some cabinets.  We reminisced over pictures of the cats when they were young.
 Then we had a few days in the 40s and we spent as much time as we could outside. Fresh air! Sun! It was glorious and we stayed out until we couldn't stand it anymore.
 It took me forever to cross stitch that rose, then another 2 days to manage to make another zipper pouch. No motivation I tell ya.
After cabinet cleaning we cleaned out piles and piles of papers. The little kids declared paper shredding "the funnest thing ever mom!" LOL We shredded a ton of paper. Happy new year.

Today it is almost 70 and sunny. Cue more out in the yard all day!  Hopefully some rain is coming tonight though, the drought is terrible really.

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  1. Send your kids my way to shred paper. I never get around to it and have a huge, huge pile.


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