Monday, February 05, 2018

Antique indigos

 I bought some antique indigo blocks on ebay shortly before Christmas and I had been kicking around some ideas for how to use them.  I really am enjoying finding uses for orphan quilt blocks an I love these so much.

They were very wonky and dirty when I got them. I had hoped they would clean up better than they did, but when it gets warmer I will try more soaking and sun.
 I left them wonky, so the quilt isn't perfect.

It's table top sized because I want to put it on my foyer table. I have four more blocks left too. I think I will use them with a yellow remnant I picked up at my local quilt shop to see how the setting fabric change the look of the same blocks.

(My kids are yelling so damn loud at the moment I can barely even think to write this, so who knows if this even makes any sense.)

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