Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jelly Roll Rug (disaster)

 There have been a TON of jelly roll rugs on Instagram, so I was DYING to make one. It took me forever to choose a jelly roll. This is what I settled on - Paige's Passions.
 This rug. Oy. First it's expensive as heck. $33 for a jelly roll, $10 for a pattern, $5 for denim needles. I had the rest of the supplies but for those who are curious you need half a yard of 96 inch batt (I think at least $7), batting tape (another $5), binding clips (another $5), starch (another $8), and at least one giant spool of thread (another $5). Starting to think you should go to homegoods?  Uh huh.
SO. It took me about four days to make. It's not hard, but cutting the batting was challenging (and I wish the pattern had offered some damn suggestions for that part) and making the second turn was hard (and I wish the pattern had some diagrams or photos for that too). Really I think the pattern would benefit from a video. In the end IT WILL NOT LIE FLAT! I have starched, steamed, screamed, cussed, pushed, pulled, It is still bumpy. In fact, I wont dare put it anywhere there is traffic because I am sure its a hazard. A few others on insta have said that theirs is really slippery on the floor (add rug grip to your cart and your bill) and that they have flat troubles too.

So, it's pretty but pretty useless.

Ah well, not everything can be a success!

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  1. I just made one and it was a bumpy disaster too!


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