Thursday, February 15, 2018


 Man, it's been a cold, long winter. Dave is working all the time, the kids never have school, I have been in the throes of some kind of fuck my life episode for about 6 weeks...

Today it is nearly 80! So I made grant go to the zoo. He tried to complain (he has been seriously oppositional today), saying he didn't want to go and why and blah blah.  By the time we were leaving he said mom! I like the zoo.

 It's strange to just be there with one kid. But also? Nice. Easy.
 There wasn't much to see - the train and half the zoo are undergoing maintenance and building projects during the quiet season.
 We made the most of it though.
These hyenas were REALLY sniffing us. I told grant they could smell him and he replied "no they cannot! I took a bath last night!" LOLOL

Then we came home and grant decided to argue with every single thing under the sun so I made him take a nap.

Mom win.

For today anyway.

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