Friday, March 02, 2018

A quilty leftover - pastel confection

 After every quilt I make I take a little time to retidy up my sewing area. Put away the tools, store the left over fabric, and put the left over pieces into a donate bag. (I just never scrap quilt. I don't know why really other than there are so many darn quilts I want to make!)

This time I was gathering up a pile of left over HST and thought these are just so pretty and I am in between quilts at the lets just sew them together!

Once they were sewn together I started a little math, sorting out the best way to get the biggest quilt out of them and this little beauty was born.

 I REALLY love this one! So pretty and light and soft and all from stuff laying around my sewing room except for the dots. I did need another half yard of those.
Plus it was fast and required no thinking.

Win win!

She is already sold and off to bless a new baby too.

Pastel Confection
Started and finished in a few days in Feb 2018
Fabrics are dolly jean for the florals and a black and white micro dot
No real pattern, just put a bunch of HST together and made it work
Cotton batt
White on the back
Straight line quilting
Sold to a new baby!

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