Monday, March 05, 2018

Flea Market Sunday

 The first weekend in March brings a fundraiser garage sale that is HUGE and is the beginning of the yard sale season around here.  It will still be another month before anything else really starts going, but it gives me a much needed taste of junk in the winter. I have been going to this thing since it started 11 or 12 years ago, and it used to be a pretty small thing. Now it is more than 600 vendors, 5 miles of hiking and this year? Oh this year brought EPIC traffic that brought the entire town, interstate, etc to a complete standstill. They actually closed the event around 10 30 am because there was no place for anyone else to go.  I am really hoping they find a workable solution and don't just decide to stop doing the event next year!

I was there bright and early so no problems for me. Some years I have a hard time spending $20 here. This year I completely filled my cart and the extra bag I had brought.

So, what did I buy?
 A complete vintage quilt kit...
still in the original envelope.

This was also tucked in there and it's a treasure itself!

 Filled with gorgeously colored pictures and quilt patterns.

 I bought a few pillow tickings to use on the backs of my living room pillows. And a few embroidered pillow cases for cutting up.
 This candle holder is HORRIBLY painted but that bee!
 The sweetest vintage baby quilt top. It's finished, I wonder why she didn't quilt it?  I need to think on this. It really needs to be handquilted.

 The squirrel (and the curtains! so much detail) just kill me.
 A pile of vintage fabric scraps.
 Vintage candle clips.
 And the quilt drought ended too. I hadn't bought a quilt since November I think.  This one will be sold.

 This one will be kept.
 Apparently I failed to save a copy of the close up, I will put it on Instagram. Scrappy string stars. They are not quilted well, but I love the piecing.
 A piece of Hull pottery that I couldn't resist (even though I do not have my pottery out at the moment).
 And two huge antique mirrors. I am currently trying them in different places in the house looking for the right spot for them.

 The basket on this one is so awesome. I was actually on my way out of the sale dragging so much stuff when I spotted this one and added it to my pile.
That's my chandelier in the reflection. :)

So, an awesome haul this year and much needed!

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