Thursday, March 01, 2018

Thrifted, finally

 I have not really been able to find anything to buy in the thrifts since maybe November?  I have a lot of (perhaps crazy) theories about how the thrift store relates to the housing market, but maybe I am just crazy. (It seems like when the housing market dives the thrifts are packed with stuff and people, when the housing market booms the thrifts are empty of both stuff and people. Maybe they feel flush with cash so they just throw it all away? I don't really know the why.)  Yesterday I did manage to scrounge up a few things. Christmas things even! My first awesome stocking found in the wild, FREE antique tinsel (woohoo!) and a few elves.
 This is what the thrift looks like though.
Tragic right?

It's March finally. Depending on the weather we are about a month out from the restart of garage sale and flea market season. Hopefully things pick up? If not, expect to keep seeing nothing but sewing here on ye olde blog.

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