Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Jack quilts

Along with everything else that has been going on Jack still needed 10 volunteers done in about three days.  The quickest thing I could think of was quilting. I saw a post on Instagram asking for quilts for the Ronald McDonald house in Lubbock, so we set to work. I cut the pieces, he pieced them. Then I trimmed then and had him put together into rows and into a top. I basted, squared and quilted it while he was at school.

 I really had no idea how this was going to turn out since his seam allowance was so inconsistent, but all in all, I am really happy with it. We have a teensy little problem in  a corner where the squaring chopped off a lot, but otherwise it's great!

And because I had some super thrifty luck I was able to put it together for about $10.

It's already been mailed off and received!

I think we will be doing this again this summer when the I AM BORED sets in.

Monday, April 23, 2018

I swear I Would blog

 Winter is just going on forever and ever. Dave was working and travelling all the time. I just really have been SO blah. Life has been going on though. Here's a little of what's been going on.  I thrifted a few things including an AMAZING vintage sugar egg. Such a pretty thrift pile that day.
 It keep snowing.
 Jack got two medals at the national junior honor society induction this year. One for service and one for academics. (I had to manage all the kids by myself. It was a disaster which included a kid who had to pee as SOON as I had managed to get all of us to the very top of the bleachers, so we had to go all the way back down and pee. Then a kid who started burning with fever in the middle of it. Jack had been flu like all day and had actually missed school. When I emailed to tell the sponsor he wouldn't be there she guilted me about it, so I hauled them all there. Then in the middle of the thing another kid had to pee and we nearly had a pee in the pants episode. FUN TIMES.)

 My tree bloomed briefly.
 I picked up these amazing hexies somewhere.

And I slapped a cute bunny in a frame.

The end. LOL

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Garage Sale time

It was worlds largest garage sale day this morning. I used to love this thing. This year they've changed locations, reduced the vendors by at least 30%. It was totally not worth paying for early admission. Maybe next year its not worth going unless there is nothing else going on. (I skipped a sure bet market for this.)

I did buy some stuff, mostly everything was on $1 tables. 

Also half of these are upside down and lord, I don't have the will to care.

 The fabric.
 Vintage napkins.
 Vintage trim.
 I bought this box of ornaments to get that box of glow in the dark snowflakes and stars.
 The sweetest baby book, the baby bracelet is in the back still, but no letter beads on it.

 a huge, gorgeous, antique organdy tablecloth.
 Gorgeous whitework.
 An unfinished quilt. All her embroidery is done. I will repurpose that. I bought this because there are 5.5 yards of that amazing vintage yellow solid and a good amount of the white vintage solid. They are very good quality.
 The tablecloths. That peach is so much better than this photo.
 A few doll things.
And religious art, which I can never leave behind. This was the most expensive at $5.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Portrait time

It was time to update our family pics so we did it last weekend. 

I've started having the kids get an ear photo taken while we are there just in case I can't get a decent one on my own.  Truthfully though the kids are getting really easy at the pic thing these days. Shhhhh, don't tell them though!

Monday, April 02, 2018

It'll be fun they said, the teepee version

This is kind of a not great photo, taken by sammi,  because it's rained too much to use this thing.

Sammi started asking for a teepee and I said no way man. I bought them a kids tent at IKEA instead. Apparently she got Dave to agree and then he started asking for the sewing machine and well, you can see where this will end up.

I had to use the Juki to sew this thing and even then if your mind wandered for even one millisecond you broke another darn needle sewing this heavy canvas. It was heavy and smelly and hard to wrangle too. I am not gonna lie - I cursed the ENTIRE TIME I was making this thing. Hopefully it stops raining soon and they can use it.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Alllllll the Easter in one go

Grant was down sick last week, then I was down sick this week, so this entire month has just gone by in a blink.  In the past few days we have managed to do ALL the Easter things.

Eggs were dyed.

 We MAGICALLY had ONE sunny day on Good Friday. It's been raining and raining for weeks here. Yesterday it was back to rain and today it's snowing! Pouring ice and snow. Fun times.

Baskets were made (and eaten).

 Dresses were worn to church.
 Ear photos were taken in the chair.
Rabbits were made for the not twins. (I didn't make one for Jack this year. I actually have an idea but I have just not gotten to it.)
And a visit was made to the big mall bunny! (Which was it's usual disaster including me being hit in the head by a flying object from a very naughty child several feet behind us in line!)

We had no family Easter this year due to illness, so now I am resting my bones in my pajamas already.  

Happy Easter to you and yours!