Tuesday, May 29, 2018

100 mile yard sale

On Friday, Dave and I set off for our annual trip south to the 100 mile yard sale. We never do all 100 miles anymore - 1) it takes too long, 2) it doesn't seem worth it on the southern end.  This year the sale was very, very sparse. We went a looooong time without stopping at all and the usual stops that are more like little flea markets were virtually empty.  In the end it worked out because I bought a lot more than usual (someone said the crowds were light too.)  I tried to get back to a chenille blanket I had regrets about, but before we could get back to the spot it started pouring, pouring rain. By the time I got there they were long gone.  The rest of the morning was hotter than blazes.  (I know better than to leave something, but I didn't like the price. I should've bargained it harder.)

So, the purchases this year:

 These naughty yes/no pillow game pillow cases are so fun. I got a pair of them at a free sale! (She was hot and tired and said please, take it all.)

 Usually quilts are hard to come by at this thing. This year I bought three (and it's time for an Instagram quilt sale STAT.) I love how this is so pale now with just flashes of the black.

 Antique indigos on this one.

 I squealed over to the side of the road to buy this beauty on the way back to the chenille. She still purrs like a kitten! I need a spool pin for the bobbin winding and a few minutes to browse the closest instruction manual I could find on line.
 I am REALLY feeling yellow again lately. I had totally fallen out of love with it for awhile. The yellow and pink together just sing.

 Pretty stack.
 Pottery even though mine is packed away.
 I need to embroider this kitty's face and turn her into a pillow. Maybe here in a few I will do that. I am in between quilts at the moment.
 More things from the free sale. That's a tablecloth underneath the trim. I've started hoarding embroidery again for a someday project.
 Old masks.
 I bought two of these towels. They were in a Ziploc and I thought they would be feedsacks. Instead I think they are flannel.
 Cutter chenille.
 Sideways Alaska cloth. I need a Missouri cloth!
And a yellow nelson McCoy pot.

Not a bad haul!

Until next year yard sale.

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