Thursday, May 17, 2018

A birthday

So I had a birthday this week.  I tend to be overly grumpy about birthdays lately. Not because of age, I don't actually care at all about the numbers, but, my family situation at this age just REALLY sort of chaps my behind. (It has probably been more than 5 years since my father has even called on my birthday.)

ANYWAY. I took myself to the goodwill because this is the last few days before the kids are out of school. Within three mins of being in the door this lovely lady was in my cart. I think based on her clothes maybe 1850ish? She is HUGE and gorgeously done in oils on canvas. 

People keep commenting on her stern look, but that's pretty typical of portraits! Come on.

So, happy birthday to me courtesy of an antique oil painting, a delicious cake homemade by Dave, a teen who was not assy that day and a quick jaunt around Ikea. :)


  1. Happy Birthday belated...I think your portrait should have a birthday balloon in hand :)

  2. Happy belated birthday!


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