Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mother's Day at the flea

 There was a picker's market within driving distance on mother's day that I had been tossing around the idea of attending. I keep looking at the pictures though and wondering if there really is anything there for me. It looks pretty rusty, industrial, farm, etc. I wake up SO STINKING EARLY right now - like 5 am - so I pondered and decided I was up early enough to just hit my old steady instead. And it paid off. Happy Mother's day to me!

A box of ornaments (and a bag of japan ornaments like birds).

 This is not even close to all of the horse ribbons I bought stuffed into a bag. There are more than 50. I guess I better get on that wreath making.
 A GORGEOUS tablecloth. It was really stained up. I bought some retro clean awhile ago (I hate it, I do not find it useful at all really), so I soaked it for two days in that. It was still so stained. I washed it with one of the green persil packs, laid it on the grass in the sun for two hours and boom! Clean. It's on the table this week.
And a real fur vintage easter bunny. Plus a ton of fake flowers I used on my front door project coming soon.

Dave's present? He took the kids grocery shopping. He would like me to know that he was worried because he didn't have a present (I didn't need anything really) and that as it turns out taking the kids to the grocery store is MORE THAN ENOUGH OF A PRESENT. LOLOLOLOL

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