Friday, May 18, 2018


 I used to think it would be SO awesome to have IKEA close. We used to drive HOURS to go! Now that we have one in town we go like twice a year. LOL I needed some more pots for my orchids (and a trundle mattress and another recycling bin, of course we left without both), so we went down to take a little IKEA cruise.

What I Did NOT need was this beautiful orange storage cube, but of course, it's what I bought. I wasn't even sure where to put it, just put it in the cart please.
I used it to replace this dresser at the end of my sewing desk. One drawer of the tiny dresser fits in one cube of the storage cubes (there are four), so I doubled my storage by using it there.

We are having one teeny little hiccup though - my flip up ironing board is not working anymore because the orange thing is particle board. That's a serious quilting problem!

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