Sunday, June 24, 2018

Flea Market Sunday

 Lately I have been struggling to buy anything at what once was my favorite, old faithful flea market. It's a real bummer.  This month I picked up an antique quilt top. (The seller tried very hard to "school" me on it - insisting it was 1930s clothing scraps. It is not.)

 The first thing I bought was this old vegetable bin. I have had the itch to make over the master bedroom a little (it's still the same as it was when we remodeled 9 years ago!) so I was browsing my pinterest boards the night before the flea. I noticed I had one of these pinned and lo! there was one at the flea the next day. I am sure I wouldn't have bought it had I not been looking at pinterest. (Does anyone still use that? I do not.)
 By this point I was really looking HARD for something to buy. Picked up this old pot.
 Still having to really dig I started browsing a pile of postcards. Turkeys are unusual, so I grabbed those.
 These Christmas ones were just too pretty.
 And I found what I had been looking for when I started looking - 4th of July (I had none of those.)
 Better shot of the quilt top.
And the veg bin in place after painting. (The light color really highlighted how dented the front is, I had not noticed that when it was black. But it is a much better way of storing those things.)

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