Friday, July 13, 2018

Field trip to the sunflowers

 We had a little break in the weather, so we took the kids to the Columbia bottom conservation area.  They have planted thousands of sunflowers there and it was GORGEOUS!

 You can also see the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers here.
 Then we had a yummy lunch at the whole scoop in grafton.

 And rode the grafton ferry back to Missouri.  (The kids had never been on the ferry before somehow!)
A very nice little impromptu trip indeed.

Now I am off to screaming children in the back yard. (PLEASE GOD LET THE BUSES COME SOON.)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Flea market finds

 We were up early for the flea this week and then quickly discovered my van was dead in the driveway.   That delayed us a bit, but we did eventually make it.  I wore my lucky shirt and it paid off!

2 new tablecloths, a feedsack, an old box of sewing attachments, and an old easter toy.
 We were on the way out when I spotted this map wadded up under some sparkly new clothes. I had heard of escape maps before but I had never managed to find one.  This one happened to cost me exactly as much money as I had left in my pocket. Its a 1950 cold war escape map on rayon.
Complete with a star chart! One of my coolest finds in a VERY long time!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Grant reads!

 Grant has been super keen on learning how to read for awhile.  I occasionally run through some flash cards with him, and he knows every last one of the 80+ in the deck, but he was still insisting he could NOT read.  Last week Dave plopped him down in front of me, opened this book and said show your mother.
What do ya know???  Little stinker can read!  Way to go Grant! You will be off and running with the other kids now dude.