Monday, September 10, 2018

61 mile yard sale

 Some years the 61 mile yard sale is woooohoooo awesome, some years its boooohooo sad and some years its in the middle. I think this was a middle year.  I bought teeny mushrooms for crafting.
 This is a horrible picture, but it's a sweet pink baby quilt.
 An odd wicker basket that is now a hamper in Sam's room.
 Some white work.
 Yards of a Denyse Schmidt fabric from Joann.
 A pile of flour sacks.
 Some Halloween stuff.
 Random fabric.
 Some other holiday stuff, that apple still has the tea set in it.
 Fans and honeycomb balls for the fourth of July.

 A pile of aluminum letters.
I soaked this flour sack and now it's nice and clean!

All in all it was nice day away from the house and kids!

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