Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Master Bedroom done

 It took me a few days to round everything up, but our bedroom is finally put back together.  I LOVE having all my art together in this gallery wall.
 I happened to thrift this old bassinet in the PERFECT color right as I was pondering what to do with this corner.
And after much trolling of facebook marketplace I found a quilt rack that was long enough for over the bed.  Actually, it was SO long dave had to cut it down for me. It's a little crowded in that area and I am not sure I love it, but Instagram feedback was positive, so maybe it stays like it is.

I did this room on the cheap.  About $50 in paint, $25 for the quilt rack, $1 for the bassinet, $50 for a new rug and $50 for some amazon curtains when my linen closet failed to yield two pairs.

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