Monday, November 05, 2018

Twin toothless and more

Jack has been limping for two weeks. We had to make an unexpected trip to the ortho two days before Halloween, which resulted in some rather (upsetting) and unexpected news.  Now we have to wait until thanksgiving for the next x-ray to be sure of what's going on there.

The day before Halloween I made 22 of these pumpkins with the second graders. First, they did not take 5 minutes for 95% of the class. LOL  They are cute though, and I hope the parents enjoyed them.
And! We currently have toothless twins, or not twins. They are so cute with their matching gap toothed smiles.


  1. So cute with the little "not twins"!!!!I hope Jack is ok.

  2. When my little brother was about J's age, he had such a fast growth spurt, he partially tore a tendon in his knee just from growing. A couple months of braces and PT and he was fine. Hopefully that's all it is, the ortho said it was very common.


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