Wednesday, January 16, 2019

And more - the nutcracker

(Some of you asked but your accounts are set to no reply - Jack was released by ortho on New Years eve. I think the final verdict is stress fracture to the tibia from rapid growth and running. He has grown a little more than 4 inches since June.)

 I had worked So stinking hard to earn the money to get us to the nutcracker this year - selling allll the things on ebay. And then grant had to have surgery four days before and a new cast the day before! We didn't wear our fanciest clothes, or have a fancy lunch, but we made it, and that was a victory.
 Man, the sets and costumes were an absolute confectionary dream. So perfect.
 We all enjoyed it.
Grant quickly started trying to write with his left hand at school, the teacher sent me this text. Kids are resilient at least!

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