Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hapde burfday Sam

 Sam turned 8 and in true snow baby fashion - she brought a HUGE 12 inch snow on her birthday again.

 All she wanted for a party was a sleepover with her little bff, so they had all the snow fun together.

Dear Sammi,

8!  I have no idea how actually, because it was just yesterday you were a chubby cheeked baby.

You are so stinking smart.

You love books and all the tiny things.

(and messes)

You are practical and rational.

You can hold your own with Minecraft and pokemon.

You are particular about friends.

You have declared dresses *your mortal enemy*

You want to live in a tiny house on a few acres with no kids and no husband (maybe cats)

Or maybe *adopt a 10 year old*

You are missing 5 teeth ! (finally)

You are finally out of toddler sizes (and 16th percentile for height - a full 48 inches now)

And still every bit our awesome buttercup

I love you baby,

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