Saturday, January 19, 2019

New Year

 No nonsense resolutions were made (other than live), but we did attempt our annual family photo. It was a disaster with crying and moaning from all the kids, having to take it twice bc it was impossible to get a decent one, taking one of me and the kids at the doctors office! Because that's what we do now - go to all the doctors, all the days, even on new years eve.

 We had two phones stop working, so we spent the entirety of Christmas break at phone stores and apple stores trying to fix them. (We gave up. We leased new phones. That ridiculous ordeal took six days and at least 18 hours.)
 I watched marie kondo on Netflix and then I finally realized how to organize the linen closet once and for all. (I had done the whole spark joy thing two or three years ago, its a good system and mostly our house is still organized, but this one area was always a mess.)
Ah, perfection! (And yes I love linens)


  1. Great pictures, and me, too!! I love linens..especially old ones. They have a history
    and a feel that can't be duplicated today.

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