Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sewing - doll quilt and duvet quilt

 As soon as Christmas was over I was DYING to finally get my desk cleaned off. I had not been sewing for months and things were piled up everywhere. In November I bought a box of fabric pieces that included these teeny penny sized scraps of late 1800s fabrics. On Christmas eve I hand pieced them into 9 patches (there were two completed in the box, so I stayed with her plan) and then I whipped them into a doll quilt.
 How satisfying to turn penny pieces of fabric into a useable little quilt!
 This duvet quilt has been in my head forever. I am always grabbing vintage duvet covers, but they are always too small to use. Adding some batting and quilting it altogether makes them into SUPER dreamy small quilts.
I cannot wait to make more of these.

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  1. I love the duvet very much. That green is so pretty. I love the doll quilt as well, but my eye goes to the brighter color of the duvet. Great work on both.


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