Thursday, February 28, 2019

A churn dash gets churned up

Continuing on my mission to use up fabric, I cut into a fat quarter bundle I bought on a wild whim this winter.  I made a big cutting error and cut all the pieces for 6 inch churn dash instead of 9 inch, so I didn't have nearly enough blocks to make the quilt work.

I would rather have died than cut out more of those tiny 6 inchers, So I whipped up a few 12 inch blocks, worked on a "random" setting and just made it work.

I actually think its a lot better than it would've been had they all been uniform.
This will be a gift for a niece.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A quarter square triangle quilt

 I've been trying to burn through some of my fabric stash a little bit. It's getting too crowded.  I decided what better way than to whip up a quilt for my nephew.

 Love the stripe on the binding!
He received it this week and my sister in law reports it was love at first sight! I hope he uses it up and wears it out. :-)

Monday, February 25, 2019


 I wanted a new pillow but nothing really was screaming to me until I saw the Kitten Around pattern.  She is adorable, but!
Not the greatest pillow.

Ah well.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

All the junk, again.

 There has not been a huge amount of junking the last two weeks. The kids have run through the flu and strep throat, we've had bad weather, and I have been sewing. I did scoop up a box FULL of this silverplate flatware that is just lovely. There is ton more than this.
 A few easter things. Easter feels ages away this year.
 An amazing indigo quilt top. So many prints!
 And this green antique quilt top is no less amazing. Green! I never find green.

Things should start picking up next month I hope, but the weather man says at least three solid weeks of winter are coming in March.

My funny valentines

 Grant, that little stinker, likes to make me think he can't do anything independently. Things like read. I caught him toting a huge chapter book to kindergarten for reading this week.
 He made awesome lady liberty school art too.
 It's so so grey and rainy EVERY DAY, so the lighting is not great on these this year. (And Jack was long at school.)
Little stinker strikes again!

Friday, February 08, 2019

All the things I've bought everywhere

 How about all the things I've bought everywhere in one big post? yeaup.

 This is old wallpaper, the first time I have ever found any that old in the wild!

Thursday, February 07, 2019


Near the end of January there is a big garage sale event in Springfield Missouri. Dave and I go without the kids. We hit the yard sale, then we hit the fabric outlet (both locations!). This time we also had the BEST lunch at the Black Sheep. The best.

 This year was the year of quilts. Usually I buy everything but quilts, but not this year.
 Love the visible mending here.
 This was a quilt in a quilt. The top looks okay in the photos but its really very, very worn. So I removed it.

 I knew something was hiding in there.
 A lovely ocean waves was hiding in there! It's pretty worn too.

 This one was cut off on both ends. Maybe I will keep cutting it. Maybe I will sell it. Maybe I will just stack it up. LOL
 The fabric outlet was AMAZING this year. I wish I could go back. It was loaded with Denyse Schmidt and was like the best treasure hunt EVER.
 I bought so much fabric. eeek.
And a few quilt blocks and a pillowcase too.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019


 The quilt collection is overflowing again. These are few recently thrifted bits.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Goings on

 At some point Dave got the itch to redo the playroom. The kids have really outgrown most of it and its used for watching tv and playing video games and such mostly now.  So, we've spent a few weeks switching things up.  I put all my fisher price toys together instead of spread everywhere.
 We are still working on this area, but this is becoming a library for book loving Sammi. The fireplace will go on the other wall and there's a chair for her to sit in.  The cubes make book organization SO MUCH EASIER. And it's helped clean up a lot of the excess books in her room.
 Poppet is still kicking. Some days are better than others for her.  19 years old now!
 The not twins are still not twinning.
 I was starting to get DESPERATE for color! this display at Fresh Thyme was wonderful.
 And so were the tulips they sold me.
I had a little fun playing with them and the new camera.