Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Goings on

 At some point Dave got the itch to redo the playroom. The kids have really outgrown most of it and its used for watching tv and playing video games and such mostly now.  So, we've spent a few weeks switching things up.  I put all my fisher price toys together instead of spread everywhere.
 We are still working on this area, but this is becoming a library for book loving Sammi. The fireplace will go on the other wall and there's a chair for her to sit in.  The cubes make book organization SO MUCH EASIER. And it's helped clean up a lot of the excess books in her room.
 Poppet is still kicking. Some days are better than others for her.  19 years old now!
 The not twins are still not twinning.
 I was starting to get DESPERATE for color! this display at Fresh Thyme was wonderful.
 And so were the tulips they sold me.
I had a little fun playing with them and the new camera.

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