Monday, February 04, 2019

Still making - baby quilt and coordinating doll quilt

 I still REALLY have the urge to make ALL the quilts right now. I had cleaned out the linen closet at some point in January and decided to finally part with a very much loved, but completely worn out quilt my grandma had given me. I cut a chunk off (it was a mass produced quilt), reinforced it and made a quick pillow. I love being able to see it every day!
 After I made the baby quilt below I had some left over pieces on my sewing table still. Sometimes it's fun to see if you can use up every last piece, so I made a doll quilt with them.

 I thrifted a bag full of the sweetest baby embroideries in December. I wanted them to be in a quilt stat!  I had the perfect jelly roll that had been lying around a long enough time.
 This really turned out to be perfection in a baby quilt.
 I have tried to sell it, but no luck yet. I am pondering putting it on etsy.
 It needs a sweet baby to love it!

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