Sunday, March 31, 2019

Goodbye March

Somehow It's the last day of March and I haven't been here once. I got the flu on the 14th (while the kids were on spring break, of course) and it's been all downhill from there.  

Let's revisit some of it anyway. Yesterday Jack FINALLY got his braces off!

 4 years of trotting him back and forth to those appointments. I AM SO STINKING HAPPY THAT IS OVER.
 At the beginning of the month I discovered easter shiny brites at homegoods and went HOG WILD buying them all. I am still waiting on a tree to put them on (the pink tree I REALLY wanted is sold out until September!).
 We had our family portraits taken. I LOVE, like crazy love this bird shirt on grant. I made the bow tie bc I was too lazy to buy one. LOL He is such a stinking cute little ham. I love dressing him up. (Sam will not wear dresses or fancy clothes AT ALL so I dress up grant instead. Ha.)
 Jack just likes to make faces these days.
 While Sam will not wear anything fancy on herself, she is not above putting pearls on Poppet.
 I was cleaning out the basement for a foundation repair and found my old lite brite. They enjoyed it for a few hours.
 Even though I was sick as hell, we squeezed in a St Pats photo.

 When I got sick I was in the middle of getting bids for a few jobs around the house that needed attention. One was my tub.  When I bought this tub they SWORE it was a lifetime finish. A few years ago there was  a small chip or two. I called them to fix it. They did. Well, sort of. That company is now out of business but he did send out someone to repair it. He did a horrible job. After he left the tub felt gritty. Within a few months it started peeling off everywhere.
 It was miserable.
After much googling I stumbled on the miracle method people.  Last week they came and fixed my tub. it looks gorgeous again! It stunk like all hell for three days though and there was so much dust on everything. I have had to scrub the floor three times to get it clean again. AND! now my pipe is leaking and dave cant find a gasket to fix it. Small problems though, because now I can enjoy my tub again!

So, that's where most of March went.

Onto April and much warmer weather I hope.