Sunday, April 28, 2019

Flea Market Sunday

 I managed to find a few things at the flea just before Easter.
 The quilt underneath these guys washed up pretty well.

Ack! I love the patchwork pony and the merry mousewife so much!

Saturday, April 27, 2019


 Thrifting has been sooooo slow lately. They closed the best thrift store (booo!) and I just can't manage to scrounge up much. I got lucky last week and found this yellow beauty. Someone has added that border over the original quilt. I assume they cut down the edges to do so, but I might rip some of it and have a peek.

 A few fabric scraps.
 And the cutest bowls that I used for Easter.
 A sunbonnet Sam kit that I think I am going to sell. I was listing a few things earlier today, I should have listed this too I think.
And a few more fabric scraps. I am really hoping to get to Iowa next week, But I think I have a childcare problem. Oy.

Friday, April 26, 2019

And then we lost our beloved tree

 That huge tree was a Bradford pear that Dave planted for my grandpa 20 years ago. Sadly it had rotted all the way down the middle of the trunk.  We have had a lot of heavy winds this winter and every time that 60 mph wind would come I would be up all night thinking that tree was going to land on my head in the middle of the night.

So this spring we were doing our usual "fix the things on the house that fell apart in the last year", and we had it removed.

It was expensive. And sad. And now we have no shade! But, we also have a lot of room for the kids pool and lots of new bushes that need full sun to grow.

It's so strange back there still!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Memorial quilt

 One of my oldest friends lost her dad a month ago. I told her to keep a few of his shirts and I would make them into a quilt.  The shirts were flannel, which surprised me a little and made me think on my feet, but I think it turned out pretty awesome in the end.
 A  simple pattern to use the plaids.
 And I used every single inch I could eek out, even binding it with them.  It turned out really cuddly and heavy.
And she cried when she saw it.

Making quilts like this is the best really. It definitely makes being able to make them feel like a gift instead of just an expensive hobby.

I hope they use it all up!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Egg dying

 Egg dying under the red umbrella (hence the weird red glow).

 I love this pic.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Easter has somehow come and gone already. I felt like I had FOREVER bc it was fairly late this year, and the next thing you know I am scrambling for four days rushing to get ready.

 Stuffies were made - lambs this year.
 Tulips graced the table.
 A slightly mess daisy cake.
 A Monday after Easter trip to the zoo with friends.
 A visit to the bunny with fun signs this year.
 Baskets for all.

 My own sugar egg!
Now I would like to sit on the couch for a week. LOL

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Fundraiser time

 Every year in march there is a HUGE fundraiser garage sale here.  This year it was SO SO SO cold and windy. It's miles of hiking outside. But I pushed on, despite the cold. You never know if it will be a fill the cart year or a man, there is nothing to buy here as it is a true garage sale thing.  I bought all the linens this year. An embroidered runner.
 An oddly shaped embroidered pillow cover.
 One of a few tablecloths.
Blue and white quilt top.

 This find was SO exciting. I have been looking for those mountain mist booklets for a  few years. Plus those newsletters were interesting to read.
The smock I turned into a pillow.

Another tablecloth.

Clothes pin bag.

 Another tablecloth. I might have sold this one already bc of a hole? I can't remember.
 I love this yellow and white quilt. This photo doesn't show how joyful it is. In fact, I want to get it out and hang it up this week.

 This quilt is pretty wild.

And a messy loot shoot all together.

Not a bad freezing cold year!

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Vintage purchased in March

 March is hard. It's too cold for the flea, the thrifts seem to dry up. I did buy a few things though.  A half dozen unsilvered stripes.
 An AMAZING antique quilt top.

 Some vintage st pats stuff.
 A funeral basket. I think when It warms up I might put it on the porch holding a fern.
 There was one good antique/vintage linen day at the thrift.  A silk damask shawl, an Edwardian skirt, border print pillow cases, some white work linens...
A French pillow sham.

And another day I found this interesting blue and white quilt and a blue and white tablecloth.

I am ready for garage sale season though!