Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Fundraiser time

 Every year in march there is a HUGE fundraiser garage sale here.  This year it was SO SO SO cold and windy. It's miles of hiking outside. But I pushed on, despite the cold. You never know if it will be a fill the cart year or a man, there is nothing to buy here as it is a true garage sale thing.  I bought all the linens this year. An embroidered runner.
 An oddly shaped embroidered pillow cover.
 One of a few tablecloths.
Blue and white quilt top.

 This find was SO exciting. I have been looking for those mountain mist booklets for a  few years. Plus those newsletters were interesting to read.
The smock I turned into a pillow.

Another tablecloth.

Clothes pin bag.

 Another tablecloth. I might have sold this one already bc of a hole? I can't remember.
 I love this yellow and white quilt. This photo doesn't show how joyful it is. In fact, I want to get it out and hang it up this week.

 This quilt is pretty wild.

And a messy loot shoot all together.

Not a bad freezing cold year!

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  1. Those quilts are just gorgeous! So pretty!


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