Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Vintage purchased in March

 March is hard. It's too cold for the flea, the thrifts seem to dry up. I did buy a few things though.  A half dozen unsilvered stripes.
 An AMAZING antique quilt top.

 Some vintage st pats stuff.
 A funeral basket. I think when It warms up I might put it on the porch holding a fern.
 There was one good antique/vintage linen day at the thrift.  A silk damask shawl, an Edwardian skirt, border print pillow cases, some white work linens...
A French pillow sham.

And another day I found this interesting blue and white quilt and a blue and white tablecloth.

I am ready for garage sale season though!

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  1. I am SO ready for garage sale season! I love your textiles, they are all so beautiful!


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