Saturday, May 25, 2019

All the junk of May

 One post, with all the things that were on my camera.  Quilts of course. the blue one is a baby quilt. That tablecloth is an unusual purple color.

 I am hoping this will fit in the kitchen.

 Linens and a baby quilt. That piece on the left is a handmade dust ruffle. It has buttons on the corners, which really charmed me.
 This is a very strange pile of very large garlands all randomly strung together.

More quilts. A few of these will be sold off eventually. I am just sure I will get a minute to do that soon. LOL

Friday, May 24, 2019

A porch makeover

 Jack had his last concert of this year . He is part of the honors orchestra and earned his JV letter for that this week, we are super proud of him! (And the music is amazing.)
 A few weeks ago I cleaned the porch ceiling because it was just so filthy and gross. It was really hard and it took me days. After I was done I decided the porch deserved a little sprucing up. It really was just an ignored part of our house. Somehow I didn't save one of the photos to the computer that shows the porch swing area, but there is too much logging in and out to go back now. LOL.

The main change was adding a rug to the left area and adding lots of things to the area by the door. I moved that gate from the backyard (we used to take all the photos in front of it, but Jack is too tall now.)
 I added bunting to the eaves.
 This is what it looked like before in that section. BORING.
I need to go today and get the frame for my cow!

It is so much nicer now. If only the damn midges WOULD GO AWAY.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Some sewing

 Sewing time is so limited in May. ALLLLLL the things are suddenly upon us and school is dragging on forever!  I did make some clouds for a quilt that's been on desk for ages.
And a star wars version of the backpack I made for Sam, this time for Grant.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Let's face it, I just buy quilts

 I swear I try to buy other things! But mostly I just buy quilts. This pottery grasshopper IS SO FLIPPING cool though! Love him.
 This is not old, but pretty awesome.
And quilts.

Time to open a quilt museum. :-)

Thursday, May 09, 2019


 Flea market season has been really dodgy. It's been freezing in the mornings, raining so much, etc.  I have actually been trying to hit garage sales and things when it's not raining to fill in my junk gap. That mayrose bunny is pretty big and he is so FUN!
 I was totally not going to buy this table at that garage sale, but she kept lowering the price and lowering the price and the next thing I knew she was loading it in my van. LOL  That stock pot will be perfect for boiling tablecloths, IF the sun ever shines!
 I had to rescue these so fragile you cant breathe on them ornaments. They were getting smashed up in a bag waiting for a home.
The chenille is actually lemon yellow, I have never seen one that color before!

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

 Sam made herself a little paper backpack complete with pieces of yarn for straps to carry around some craft project she had made on Friday. It kept tipping and spilling out her stuff, so she decided it would be better if it was made with fabric. She is starting to toss around the idea of sewing, but has yet to make the leap (in the past she HATED it). So she made this drawing and dropped it on my desk.
 I googled up a free toddler back pack tutorial (bc she wanted it small, and really it's still bigger than she wanted) and spent some time making her one. I put the darn flap on wrong, but bc it's rounded there was no fixing it.
Also I lined up the pocket by measuring, I wish I had eyeballed it to the pattern so it doesn't look crooked.

Anyway, she's chuffed and now I need to sit down and make one for Grant. Maybe today...

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Hello again Iowa

 Dave and I managed to get to Iowa for the flea market on Friday (not without a large amount of drama here at home though).  Iowa never disappoints really. The people are just so friendly, the flea is huge (and not crowded for the first few hours of the morning), there is so much to see and something for everyone. I bought less than usual (probably bc I was flaming mad over home drama).  I bought a big pile of quilt blocks.
 A small pile of holiday stuff.
 The ornaments were bought to get this piece of garland. I couldn't see it well in the bag and it's shorter than I had hoped.
 Larger loot shoot with the only quilt I bought.
 Feedsacks. (I could only find pricey ones this year.)
 A too expensive, but ADORABLE quilt, that I only admired.
 I am kind of regretting not buying this MASSIVE basket. Fill it up with quilts...
 This was GORGEOUS. And also MASSIVE.

Until next time Iowa!

Monday, May 06, 2019

The birds and the bats

 Our baby bird friends have hatched!
 Our hummingbirds have returned. (And it's been so rainy they often just hang out under the eave on the feeder for a long time!)
 Grant had a kindy field trip to the conservation area (also in the rain).

And Sam wore a little bat costume in the CUTEST second grade musical EVER!