Friday, May 24, 2019

A porch makeover

 Jack had his last concert of this year . He is part of the honors orchestra and earned his JV letter for that this week, we are super proud of him! (And the music is amazing.)
 A few weeks ago I cleaned the porch ceiling because it was just so filthy and gross. It was really hard and it took me days. After I was done I decided the porch deserved a little sprucing up. It really was just an ignored part of our house. Somehow I didn't save one of the photos to the computer that shows the porch swing area, but there is too much logging in and out to go back now. LOL.

The main change was adding a rug to the left area and adding lots of things to the area by the door. I moved that gate from the backyard (we used to take all the photos in front of it, but Jack is too tall now.)
 I added bunting to the eaves.
 This is what it looked like before in that section. BORING.
I need to go today and get the frame for my cow!

It is so much nicer now. If only the damn midges WOULD GO AWAY.

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