Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Hello again Iowa

 Dave and I managed to get to Iowa for the flea market on Friday (not without a large amount of drama here at home though).  Iowa never disappoints really. The people are just so friendly, the flea is huge (and not crowded for the first few hours of the morning), there is so much to see and something for everyone. I bought less than usual (probably bc I was flaming mad over home drama).  I bought a big pile of quilt blocks.
 A small pile of holiday stuff.
 The ornaments were bought to get this piece of garland. I couldn't see it well in the bag and it's shorter than I had hoped.
 Larger loot shoot with the only quilt I bought.
 Feedsacks. (I could only find pricey ones this year.)
 A too expensive, but ADORABLE quilt, that I only admired.
 I am kind of regretting not buying this MASSIVE basket. Fill it up with quilts...
 This was GORGEOUS. And also MASSIVE.

Until next time Iowa!

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