Thursday, May 09, 2019


 Flea market season has been really dodgy. It's been freezing in the mornings, raining so much, etc.  I have actually been trying to hit garage sales and things when it's not raining to fill in my junk gap. That mayrose bunny is pretty big and he is so FUN!
 I was totally not going to buy this table at that garage sale, but she kept lowering the price and lowering the price and the next thing I knew she was loading it in my van. LOL  That stock pot will be perfect for boiling tablecloths, IF the sun ever shines!
 I had to rescue these so fragile you cant breathe on them ornaments. They were getting smashed up in a bag waiting for a home.
The chenille is actually lemon yellow, I have never seen one that color before!

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