Wednesday, May 08, 2019

 Sam made herself a little paper backpack complete with pieces of yarn for straps to carry around some craft project she had made on Friday. It kept tipping and spilling out her stuff, so she decided it would be better if it was made with fabric. She is starting to toss around the idea of sewing, but has yet to make the leap (in the past she HATED it). So she made this drawing and dropped it on my desk.
 I googled up a free toddler back pack tutorial (bc she wanted it small, and really it's still bigger than she wanted) and spent some time making her one. I put the darn flap on wrong, but bc it's rounded there was no fixing it.
Also I lined up the pocket by measuring, I wish I had eyeballed it to the pattern so it doesn't look crooked.

Anyway, she's chuffed and now I need to sit down and make one for Grant. Maybe today...

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