Thursday, June 27, 2019


Summer break is officially 30 days old at this point. To say that I am not adjusting well is an understatement really. 

This is the first year that the kids were all in school ALL day, so this is really the first summer that I wasn't used to always having a kid with me.

The kids are fighting, there is constantly food on the floor, the messes are epic, the bossing of screens is sucking the life out of me.  Everyone on the internets is all HEY! LOOK AT ME! DOING ALL THE SUMMER THINGS! Meanwhile, I am over here like, well, we are all still alive.

I sent Sammi to three weeks of STEM camp, and the driving for that alone was a bit nuts. By the start of week three I was like omg I live in the car. However, it did keep her busy and with her friends. 

Grant has decided that he shall never, ever cooperate with anything ever again.

I've tried to get excited about something. Anything really. But nah, I will just live on dark berry dr pepper and hope the buses come soon I guess.

Did I mention that Grant gets up at 5 and Jack stays up until at least 11 so there is ALWAYS A KID WANDERING AROUND?

So, that's whats news over here.

BTW, people leave comments I would love to answer, but ! no reply at blogger strikes every time.  (your profile is not attached to an email address)  You can always email if you really need to know, or leave a comment on whatever post you want on Instagram. I do get notifications from the makin projiks facebook page too, even though I don't ever post there. (the game cards you asked about were part of some kind of bingo thing I think - the box photo is on Instagram)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Of cats and gnats

 Poppet is surely enjoying all the spoiling of being an only cat now.  She is getting very close to her 20th birthday!
We had an EPIC plaque of midges this year due to flooding. Every morning there were millions on the porch dead, they would get in your mouth constantly outside. UGH!

Friday, June 21, 2019


 Since we had to cut down our big tree this spring, we decided to upgrade to a bigger pool. OH MY WORD. We were out there for so many weekends leveling a spot for it.And it was SO HOT.

These pools are the best entertainment for the kids though!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

More going on

 The kids are learning how to cook over summer break.
 I reorganized some things in my sewing room and bought shelves to hang my toy sewing machine collection on. They don't all fit. OOPS.
 I thrifted this weirdly small pillow, ripped it apart and turned it into a not weirdly small pillow.

 Some lily of the valley that needed to be planted bloomed in the bag.
 I turned some fabric from my great aunt into a few blouses for Sam. (And she wears them and loves them!)
A weird massive wind blew right through my porch and made a huge mess.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A new playground

 They opened a new playground near us a few months ago and I decided we should try it. It's different than most playgrounds and mostly I liked it. (There have been some really bad accidents on the water feature part that I keep seeing on facebook. I think it's definitely meant to be more "free" than regular playgrounds, but I kept my kids off that particular part as Grant is really prone to being hurt.)

I can't seem to get my phone to send ALL the photos I tell it to send, but there are log bridges, rope bridges, etc. Plus turf instead of rubber.  Pretty cool for the littles, not so much for Jack. LOL

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Going on

 Sam has been asking me to clean up my old Barbie house for her for awhile  now. I wanted to be sure she was mature enough bc the plastic is sort of fragile at this point. Today I got it out, washed it up, and glue the post back together.  She's pretty excited to play with it.
 Grant went to basketball camp last week.  He's a pretty good little player. Sammi has been going to STEM camp over break.

 The blues won the cup and it was REALLY exciting!  I love that one of Grant's last kindy drawings was of Tarasenko.
 On the way home from something we happened to pass a European car show, so we pulled over for Grant. He is OBSESSED with Lamborghini.

And we saw Herbie too!

Monday, June 17, 2019

End of school


School went so late this year! I am used to it getting out two weeks earlier. :-)