Friday, September 27, 2019

Like Sands through the hourglass

 Somehow all of September has just passed me by,
 It is ALWAYS busier than I imagine it will be when the kids go back to school. Bossing homework, doctors visits, school activities, cleaning, errands, you know the drill.
Social Media has left me completely aggravated this year though. It just feels like so much gimme, gimme, gimme. Buying, dieting, botoxing, extensions, wearing all the clothes, going on all the vacations, hoarding all the things. I don't know man. I think its a sign that I am getting old. Instagram is definitely not full of the relationships that blogging used to bring.

 In this old space you would all know I had been struggling. You would know this week the kids have been sick with one problem after another, I have been to the doctor with them three times already in 4 days, that my house was in a state of limbo between holidays when my parents in law decided on a spur of the moment trip (which is great! We haven't seen them in so long and they haven't seen the house in it's Halloween glory ever) but that means that I have been BUSTING ass trying to get a bunch of messes cleaned up and all the decorations ready for them to arrive. (And no, don't tell me it doesn't matter, I like my house to be a certain way. ) That this is all happening on the week of grant's birthday and I feel terrible that I forgot to even make his birthday shirt bc I have just been going, going, going for five days. That I didn't have any wrapping paper, went to target to buy it and the shirt to make the birthday shirt, get home and see I have no tape AND no interfacing to make the damn shirt. That my RA means I just don't have the stamina to go like I used to and that every day I pray a damn merry maid will just magically arrive at my door to take over some of this nonsense. That I am SO HAPPY I have these damn standards most of the time bc it means I had already taken care of a lot of large house jobs this year (getting the tub fixed, we worked on the basement finishing some more, I had just cleaned out the closets, etc), but that after a decade (HOW!) in this house some things are really starting to need replacing. (Bathroom vanity I am looking at you.) Sigh....

So. Here we are.  I know that on Monday all of this will be in the rear view mirror, but maybe the uneasiness about social media won't be.  And maybe that needs addressing too.

As soon as I am able to sit down a bit.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Hapde Burfday Grant!

My Dearest Grant,

Today you are 7!

I completely cannot imagine our family without you. You are funny and witty and still certainly the baby of the family. You are a smarty pants and everyone at school tells me how much they enjoy having you there! You are a friend to everyone and always enjoy being a role model while you are there.

You still give me a daily heart attack with your mixed up feet and can be stubborn as hell too. ha!

You love music and cars and that damn youtube, you don't mind me dressing you up (for photos only), you play well with your sister even if it's shopkins, you can read entire chapter books by yourself, you can play with numbers in your head like your big brother and OH SO MUCH MORE!

7! The years are just flying by, right?

I love you baby,


P.S. Clothes can MATCH and not be exactly the same color. I PROMISE this is true.