Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween costumes - the night fury and the light fury

 The kids decided AGES ago they wanted to be the night fury and the light fury for Halloween. They LOVE how to train your dragon. I was all on board until it came time to try and figure out how to engineer these things.  I struggled mightily with Sam's tail, but by the time I got to grant's tail I had a much better system.

(hers is also fleece and his is felt, the felt is far easier to deal with.)  Then! I was on top of things and took the photos the day before because it was early release and we had daylight. At about 9 pm I realized WE TOOK THE PICTURES WITHOUT THE WINGS!

Of course on Halloween day it was snowing and the wind chill was 20 degrees and we had to try and retake a photo with wings before the bus came. Grrrr.

 With the forgotten wings.
Grant really didn't want to take his costume off. Hopefully they see a little play action too, because they were the hardest costumes to make yet! (And much blood was shed, which is ridiculous when you are working on a white costume!)

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  1. So cute!!! And so smart to have long sleeves and long pants and a hood when it's 20 degrees!! Again, they are SO cute!


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