Thursday, October 17, 2019

Playing catch up, a permanent state

 I imagine playing catch up will be a permanent state here on the blog from now on. So, what's been up here worth remembering?  I found some clearance honey comb paper at Tuesday morning and immediately made myself some pink pumpkins. I had bought a other pink pumpkins at home goods this year, now I have a bonafide collection.
 Last Saturday on a whim we went to springfield for fabric and burgers. My favorite!
 I noticed the other day in the foyer that Jackson is inching past his father in the height department.
 We had a bit of a surprise visit for a whole week from nani and Papa!  Grant got some basketball lessons from Papa, we visited the pumpkin patch in sweltering 100 degree heat, enjoyed lots of yummy of food and visiting.
 On the day Nani and Papa left my brother and I high tailed it to Iowa for the last flea market of the year.  It was AWESOME to have a day to relax and let someone else drive.
 And I found one of my most wanted Halloween items!

 Then 2 days later I went with Grant's class on their field trip to the pumpkin patch. I normally skip field trips because I go to every party and do other volunteer work at school, but pumpkins? I AM IN!
 We celebrated Grant's birthday by taking two of his friends to the movies to see Abominable.

 And the not twins have been busy working every day on one million clay creations.
Busy, busy!

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