Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day 12 and 13

Last night was a long night with all the worries. What happens to our kids if this idiot thing kills us? A really terrible thing to worry about, but there it is.

Jack finished a huge puzzle in about two hours. His brain is incredible.

Dave set up the old HO trains to keep grant busy.

I started sewing the bunnies for this years baskets.

Every day the number of cases in the US doubles.

We just keep holding tight here at home. Even thinking about getting Easter candy from target starts to feel like too large of a risk.

We rented a current movie last night. Some of the movies have been released for home viewing since the theaters are closed. It’s $20 and a damn fine deal really.

Today we are going to zoom meeting into church for the first time. I put on mascara for the first time in three weeks for the big event.

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  1. Please use your skills and make masks for local nursing homes. There is a pattern on the CDC website.


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