Thursday, March 19, 2020

Little house in the burbs, day 3

The kids are less angsty, at least for now.

It’s weird to not be looking at the calendar - juggling all the things. The only thing to juggle is keeping the kids busy, what to feed us, and how to get some exercise in this never ending rain.

It’s really feeling more and more likely that the kids are simply not going back to school this year. Mostly I’m gutted that jack will likely miss the scholar academy. I was so proud of him and really looking forward to that being a dry run for dorm life, a chance to show him he CAN do it.

I need to find a new quilt or something for myself.

We had our first Missouri death yesterday, and the first case in our county has arrived.  I’ve tried to unhook from the news, I can only digest so much bad news. I did find the news of people working to see if there already is an existing drug that can be used for this hopeful.

The shortage of supplies continues to be the number one news story - including the shortage of protective equipment for healthcare staff.

The food panic hasn’t slowed yet either. I’m trying to train the kids to reach for fresh food first, leave the pantry stuff for later, when we may need it more.

Time to start the day, back tomorrow.

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