Sunday, March 22, 2020

Little house in the burbs, day 5 and 6

 On Friday I made the mistake of asking my mother about her grocery needs. I’ve been telling her for weeks to prepare for the long term, but she just really is incapable of planning I suppose. I should’ve planned for her.

I had underestimated how incredibly hard it was going to be to acquire food for her.

Every shelf is empty. Every store has mile long lines. Of course she is down to the last two rolls of toilet paper as well. The ONE thing I don’t really have a lot of. It took me two days, TWO DAYS, of visiting no fewer than twenty stores and waiting in lines to get a few rolls of toilet paper. 

I just really don’t even have words for that. 

Two days and hours of hunting and lines to acquire two packages of toilet paper. 

That kind of pushed me over the edge a little.

I miss America. America, land of plenty. I miss regular life. I miss not feeling like we shan’t dare waste food or paper products. I miss when I didn’t have to wonder with everything we use up when we will be able to get more. I miss things to look forward to! Concerts, the Easter bunny, the flea market. 

I know there has to be an end, but everything is still chaotic and uncertain. 

So, day 5 and 6 shall be marked down as shit.  

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