Thursday, March 12, 2020

So, two months, eh?  So much has happened really.  

The first week of feb I was on my way to my mom's house to deal with her issues and I fell on the ice at her apartment. I was just walking and then I wasn't. I hit (and injured) everything.  I knew it was bad when I had no idea how to get up, or if I even could get up. Somehow I scooted over to some snow to get some traction and got up, bleeding and broken.  My hands were cut up, I had knocked some ribs around and I couldn't stand straight, I broke my tailbone, I injured my wrist so badly that we are still trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with it, I cracked my head on the damn ice, and on and on.  That knocked me out of commission for a long while. (And still has if we are being honest - by 7 pm my tailbone is killing, my wrist keeps me from doing things like sewing, etc.)

And now, here we are, in the midst of covid-19 pandemic panic. I am a bit of a preparer by nature. I always have extra laundry detergent, a fully stocked freezer, clothes the next size up for the kids, etc. I buy things on sale and just stash them really. It's been increasingly hard to find anything like food (forget pasta, meat, frozen pizza), toilet paper, cleaning products, etc. The lines in the stores were insane at first and now it's eerily quiet. There is no traffic and no one in the stores. I will admit I am finding it a bit stressful. Because while I am generally ALWAYS prepared the thought of HAVING to be prepared is insane! The kids eat through anything you try and stock up on faster than you can restock it.  It happens to be spring break this week and I am mentally preparing for the schools to just go ahead and shut down for two weeks to try and "flatten the curve."  Who knows if that even has worked anywhere?  I do think we all need to get some sort of plan in place in this country and we should've done it weeks ago. 

On top of that mess I got the flu a week ago. I always get a flu shot, so it's mild, but because I am immune comprised from my RA and my meds, it takes me weeks to kick it. I am still coughing like crazy, it's too soon to seek care for that just yet and the thought of getting another respiratory virus on top of it is, well, worrisome. (Plus usually they treat it with steroids which will further shut down my immunity.)

There you have it.  We are generally hanging close to home. Since I cannot sew I have been tidying and organizing and selling ALL THE THINGS. Here is a little bit of what the last two months have held:

 Grant's favorite books are graphic novels - wimpy kid, dog man, captain underpants. For book week at school he wanted to be Greg Heffley. It was right after I had hurt myself, so I slowly made him a little wimpy kid costume with some trim and felt I had hanging around.
 Sam had a few friends sleepover for her birthday.

 Poppet, at 20.5 years old!, is still kicking around with us.
 She is very attached to the kids and likes life best when they put her in their beds with them.
 A dear friend has cancer, so I made her a quilt. It took me MONTHS to finish it and now I haven't seen her to deliver it.  Because she is also so severely immune compromised right now I think I should just pop it in the mail even though we live so close together.

 The not twins are looking so gorgeous and grown up lately.

 They like to do a silly pose after a serious one.

 I was selling ALL THE THINGS to upgrade the kitchen.  We've been dying for a better fridge for years and on new years eve I went to the hardware store to look at plants and bought a fridge. They were on deep discount and I could actually afford it.  Then I hated the rest of the appliances with it. So, I sold and sold and sold and bought myself a new stove and microwave too.
 I've also been wanting a new vanity in this bathroom. I never liked the old one - it was a 'we need something in here to pass inspection, choose anything" purchase. I always thought I would find an old dresser to use, but it's so small in there nothing ever worked. On one of my appliance buying trips I saw this vanity and ticked all the boxes I needed for that space. So, I sold and sold and sold some more, and bought that too.

This week we finished a little upgrade to the basement playhouse space, which is now housing all the art supplies instead of a play kitchen.

Hopefully it won't be two months before I am back here!

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