Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Easter in quarantine

Well, Easter was surely different, no? I set a pretty table just for us, and cooked the usual meal as best I could (ham, roast chicken, pea salad, deviled eggs, funeral potatoes, strawberry cake). The bunny left baskets, we dyed eggs (fewer than usual). We took bunny ear photos in our nice enough clothes. 

Because there was no visit to the bunny this year I ordered a costume at the last minute. It was stuck in New Jersey FOREVER and I feared it wouldn’t arrive, but then it did on Black Friday! The look on the kids faces when Dave came around the corner is one to remember for sure. It took the sting out of missing tradition to be sure. 

I made rabbits, maybe my best ones yet! 

We had an egg hunt, complete with gold coins, inside due to rain. 

There is a little less candy, but no ones really noticed. 

We skipped zooming into church, mainly bc I just wasn’t into it. I spent the time sewing ever more masks instead, and gathering up all the previous Easter bunny photos to make one album for them. (And discovering three are missing. Then I had to try and find the photos to order another copy.) 

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