Thursday, April 30, 2020

Two months nearly

 I put my head down and made masks for a solid week. Hundreds of them I imagine. I’m out of elastic for now and frankly happy to be sewing other things. I am
About 35 shy of a personal goal I set for myself, and I would still like to reach that I think.
 Dave had a quarantine birthday. When I went to make the usual lime poke cake I discovered I had no sweetened condensed milk. I attempted to
Make it, made caramel on accident, went to Walgreens hoping they’d have a can so I could avoid waiting in a bread line, and found one last can in there on clearance,
 It’s rained a fair amount which makes for tough days.
I worked a little on a new decorating theme.

Dave started building the kids tree house (we had the supplies delivered).

I went in Walmart to buy groceries for the first time. It was weird. Like ohhhh I can make choices!

The US has over a million cases now. (Probably triple that since it’s impossible to get a test.) Despite not being on the decline things are scheduled to open Up on Monday. It’s been two months now. All the talk is the economy! The economy! It certainly is in the shitter, but what’s coming when everyone rushes out might be worse. Since everything for the kids is cancelled (no summer school, no summer camps, no swimming pools, etc) we will just be hanging close to home anyway. (Although maybe soon Dave will return to work?) there is some vaccine progress at Oxford, with optimistic talk
Of a vaccine by fall.

The kids are feeling plenty done with distance learning and I am feeling plenty done with overseeing it. They’ve decided we can stop on May 21, and we have fridays off now.

We ate lettuce from the garden for Dave’s birthday. The peas don’t seem to love the boxes but radishes and lettuces do. I planted more this week to start a second round. Soon it’ll be time to plant the peppers and tomatoes.

I’m off to pick my book back up for a bit since the sun is shining!

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