Sunday, April 05, 2020

Sunday, four weeks in

As long as we are at home things are fairly quiet and normalish.

The kids fight. I get crabby bc everyone is constantly asking me everything and making a million messes.

It’s still impossible to get food without getting in a line - no pick ups, no deliveries.

I’m a little desperate to find more eggs so the kids can dye eggs, but it’s hard.

The school district is starting more formal online learning on Monday.

I tried watching the daily news conference yesterday, I just can’t. So much complaining and back stabbing, let’s just solve some problems!

It’s been cold and grey again - which definitely does not help my mood.

I’m trying to stick my usual cleaning schedule - it helps me keep track of the days.

If you were asking about the masks - I just used the Joann pattern. I looked at a million others, but I can’t cope with that many choices right now!

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  1. Thank you! I was having the same overwhelmed problem. I found the Joann pattern printed in a helpful diagram form on the USA Today website and have made 3 so far... I inserted two baggie twist ties in the seam near the filter-insert opening at the top to make a bendable nose bridge and it's helpful for getting a snugger fit.


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