Thursday, April 09, 2020

Thurs, week 4

It was so, so hot for a few days. Record breaking heat of 91 degrees! I had Dave get out the sprinkler to keep the kids busy for a bit.

I washed all the windows and now the screens are so clean! 

We’ve had a few school bumps in the road - mainly sorting out technology and grants attitude (stinky). 

Yesterday jack and I picked up bread co for lunch. We’ve really not been eating out (fear of infection even at a drive through), but man! Nothing has felt as normal as eating my favorite sandwich in front of thirty mins of daytime tv in a LONG TIME. (The kids are massive tv hogs!)

And then this happened today. I knew it was coming - scholar academy cAncelled, Fourth of July things cancelled already, but these little things continue to chip away at any hope I have that this will not be at least a six month problem. It’s an emotional blow every time.

I can handle no school for nearly six months I suppose (although I had no Clue when the kids left school on march 4th that would be it), but I need the food pressure to ease up soon. It’s hard enough to wait in line, shop with masks, try to stay six feet apart, but the lack of availability continues to weigh heavy. We are down to the last jar of the only pasta sauce the kids will eat and despite trying for tens days to find any online or get a delivery, I was unsuccessful. Today I lucked into some in stock on target dot com when I was ordering something else. Target has been a lifesaver bc they are actually shipping, unlike amazon or Walmart.

Beyond that the kids are settling in a little. It’s like summer break - the first three weeks are the worst, then we all get used to A new routine. I’ve been sewing more masks than I want to, but the need feels endless. :(

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