Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Weds, week four

In the midst of chaos, some amazing things are happening too.

Baby bunnies come to visit me in the yard while I sit in the quiet (ignoring the children watching too much tv).

Last night was some sort of rare pink moon. Dave called us out to see, got out the telescope and we sat in the warm air (86 yesterday!) star gazing. Generally you cannot see many stars at our house - light pollution, air pollution, noise pollution (both the highway and the airplanes) are all dramatically decreased right now. We saw satellites, Venus, orion, Betelgeuse, and so, so much more. Bonus points for no mosquitos yet!

I am constantly amazed at our house keeps providing the things we need and wish for! A white sheet for outdoor movies? Got that, telescope? Got that, elastic for masks? Got that. Yeast for bread? Got that. Paint for a project? Got that. Clippers for hair cuts? Got that.

It’s reassuring.

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