Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Who knows what day it is

The weather turned warm and sunny.

I’ve been working on a few projects.

I made a few masks as the cdc has changed their minds about the efficacy of everyone wearing them.

I let the kids give up on work for a few days.

I’ve been making an effort to FaceTime and phone more people.

I bought a small ham while I was in Costco, determined to make some kind of Easter happen.

Things feel ok as long as I’m at home, but when I venture out it gets ugly fast.

First, even driving feels weird. I had to go recycle a ton of cardboard and the radio station is playing Christmas music. It was a Complete twilight zone moment. 

That picture above is the cart maze you have to enter to wait in line to get in Costco. It took an hour. It’s creepy inside - empty, tape on the floors everywhere, you don’t touch anything to put it in the belt, they do it. You just hold up your card to be scanned, with nothing ever exchanging hands. The cashiers are behind plexiglass walls. They have you hand your receipt to a guy in a cage for some unknown reason, as he can’t touch the receipt and isn’t checking it anyway. 

I have to say - it’s Costco where I start to lose my shit. It makes me emotionally unhinged to be standing there doing all this bizarre shit just to shop. I get it, I totally do, but at home (where I am most of my life anyway), things don’t feel quite so drastic.

I think I’m done doing that chore. 

On the plus side, while there was no charmin, there was a load of toilet paper.

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  1. Those pictures are crazy! Hope you are hanging in there. I'm having EXACTLY the same conversations with my mother (78). I'm wondering if you would share a picture/do a post of how you made masks. I've been looking at patterns online but they vary in shape/approach and I'm not sure which to try. My husband is a doctor and supplies are getting low at his hospital (we're in Boston). Thanks for any advice!


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