Friday, May 29, 2020

A month worth of ‘rona life

I wish these had loaded in  order, but it is what it is on this barely functional platform. 


Made things;

Worked a lot on tree house building;

Had the last day of “school”;

Grown a little and finished sophomore year (and started tutoring );

Grown things;

Discovered things (birds nest fungus); 

Had a birthday and Mother’s Day (GOD I MISS THE FLEA MARKET); 

Had buckets and buckets of rain;

Made more things; 

Grown a lot and finished first grade;

grown a lot and finished third grade; 

Bought a thing;

Made more things;

And more;

Watched bAby birds develop;

Organized a brand new seasonal theme - vintage camping;

Grown food! 

Bought another thing (itching to sew these); 

Built a better pool ladder and got the pool ready; 
Sewed another one million masks, had a few doctor visits (grant has a two month old cough that will not die - not covid), and had to juggle my mother who had a complete breakdown requiring a stay in behavioral health. 

The world has sort of reopened - masks required everywhere, some stores are open again, a million businesses declaring bankruptcy, every single errand takes hours to complete, there are still new cases every day, there is little hope school will return in the fall, everyone is constantly bitching and fighting about the mask wearing, armed people have stormed state government demanding their right to get haircuts, the cdc now says maybe we can’t get it from touching things, you still can’t buy tp if you are picky and Lysol scarce, we now have meat shortages from having to shut down processing plants, and more than you could ever even discuss in an entire day. Basically the shit show goes on.