Monday, July 13, 2020

Decisions and stir crazy

 Last week it just all started to be TOO MUCH. Thinking about school, missing the things I love, how painful and long and strange every single thing is, being in this house all together this long. I across the river where masks are mandatory and went to a few thrift stores so I could think in peace. I decided a few things - I won’t be sending the kids to school, we needed to rearrange the basement a little to get the kids out of my space a little (Of course now I cannot get them out of the basement! Lol), Instagram is really just making me miserable right now (so many people just carrying on like everything is normal!), and some times you just need the thrift store. That iron was an incredible score!
 At the vet you put your screaming little baby on the sidewalk, they come out and collect him and then call you on the phone to discuss him. It’s actually sort of really frustrating. No one can seem to get it straight what they need, what they’ve had, etc. and then! Despite a dewormer and revolution, bolt threw up a round worm! I nearly puked in my shoe. So gross.
 Everything else here is clearly all cats, all the time.
 They are just the cutest.

 Being together constantly has left these two thick as thieves. I couldn’t help but notice how dark Sam
Is next to grant! She has my grandmas coloring for sure.
Now we are just counting the days until the official notice comes from
School I guess...

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